(MILAN) November 26, 2020 – The first direct Covid free flight from Milan Malpensa to Nanjing is the result of the collaboration between SEA, San Donato Group, ATS Insubria, the Lombardy Region and Neos.

Neos prepares a third rapid buffer at check-in that further reduces the risks for passengers and
crew, in agreement with the Chinese Consulate General and the CAAC.

The first international covid free flight to Nanjing took off today at 13:45 from Milan Malpensa airport . The direct connection is operated by Neos, the airline of the Alpitour Group that already during the emergency of the past months has distinguished itself for the close relationship of collaboration and support with the Chinese institutions and the Italian government.

The direct flight of Neos, which connects Milan Malpensa to Nanjing, is the only one currently operating between the two countries: the airline therefore wanted to insert a third rapid buffer during check-in, to minimize risks of the crew and passengers. The test is added to the molecular swab and the serological test, required by Chinese legislation and to be carried out within 48 hours prior to departure. Passengers, previously warned, were welcomed at the airport and guided by the medical staff in the process of registration, implementation and communication of the result of the swab. The area used for testing was set up in a contingent area to that of the check-in, with dedicated paths to ensure the correct spacing in each phase. The further step included in the check-in phase was decided following the recommendation of the Chinese Consulate General and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC): the aim is to prepare for a strengthening of the prevention measures against transmission of the  virus, avoiding the blocking of activities and flows between Italy and China. Once landed in Nanjing, a final buffer is expected to reconfirm the negativity of passengers at Covid-19.
This first covid free flight took off full, exactly like those carried out by Neos in recent months to and from China: the trend underlines the strategic importance of trafficking, essential to the economic fabric of  both countries. Since the connection was re-established at the beginning of July, 58 flights have been made with the latest generation 787 Dreamliner aircraft, each of which at the maximum capacity required by current legislation: 75%, or 269 passengers on board.

The initiative was made possible thanks to the precious collaboration with SEA, the San Donato Group, ATS Insubria, the Lombardy Region, whose contributions and authorizations were essential for the success of the program, which will continue on an experimental basis until 31 January 2021.

Carlo Stradiotti, CEO of Neos, states: “We are very satisfied with this important goal achieved thanks to the precious synergy between all the players involved. In recent months, Neos has spent profoundly for our country, carrying out humanitarian and repatriation flights. Now it is essential to establish a procedure that lays the foundations for a shared protocol, preparatory to the start of a path that leads, with due caution, to the restart of air transport and the tourism sector. We hope this can be a first step in this direction. “

Armando Brunini, Chief Executive Officer of SEA: “Pre-flight tests are a fundamental tool to support air traffic, especially intercontinental traffic, as long as it is necessary to live with the virus. Neos’ flight today is an important first result. Another fundamental step will be the creation of health corridors between states that guarantee Covid-free flights and decrease the need for quarantines. This operation is more complex and cannot be carried out without the support of the competent ministries, with which we have already been in contact since September”.

“We are very satisfied that our skills can contribute to the safety of air flights – declares Alberto Nughedu, CEO of Resnati and Punti Raf polyclinics of the San Donato Group – Traveling safely means encouraging people to move to keep their human and professional relationships alive . Our medical staff performs rapid anti-hygiene tests that provide passengers with an almost immediate response and, moreover, with this procedure we contribute to the tracking of infections and control of the virus. “

Malpensa, November 26, 2020
Press Office | Alpitour


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