Travel brief:

  • The new fast train service from the international airport in Rome to Naples offers a convenient and efficient way for travelers to reach their destination. With departure and arrival times that are well-scheduled, passengers can easily plan their journey and make the most of their time.
  • One of the major benefits of taking the fast train is the convenience it provides for travelers arriving at Fiumicino Airport. With a seamless connection, passengers can easily transfer from the airport to the train station and continue their journey without any hassle.
  • In addition to the fast and convenient service, the train company also offers additional services such as the FCO Connect check-in initiative. This allows passengers departing from Fiumicino to check in their luggage directly at the train station, saving them time and effort at the airport.

Introduction to the new fast train service from Rome to Naples

From August 5, 2023 a new rapid train connection from Rome to Naples will be introduced, providing travelers with efficient and convenient transportation between these two popular destinations. This service offers a quicker and more convenient way to reach Naples from Rome.

The new train service caters to the growing demand for efficient transportation options in this popular destination, providing a seamless and comfortable journey for both locals and tourists alike. This innovative initiative showcases the commitment to enhancing transportation infrastructure and improving the overall travel experience in the region.

Departure and arrival times for the fast train

The new service complements the existing direct Frecciarossa connection between Fiumicino Airport and Naples, which departs at 9.38 and arrives at 11.33 to catch the first flights of the day, and the one between the Campanian capital and Fiumicino Airport, which leaves at 5.45 and arrives at 7.52. 

In addition to Naples, the city centers of Florence, Bologna, Padua, and Venice can be reached from the airport of the capital via Frecciarossa trains.

Benefits of taking the fast train

When it comes to traveling from Rome to Naples, opting for the fast train has its own set of advantages. One major benefit is the convenience it offers for travelers arriving at Fiumicino airport. With the fast train connection available directly from the airport, it eliminates the need for additional transfers and reduces travel time significantly. According to recent statistics from the Italian Railways, the fast train service has seen an increase in passengers due to this seamless connection. So, if you’re landing at Fiumicino airport and wish to reach Pompeii efficiently, the fast train is a reliable choice.

Convenience for travelers arriving at Fiumicino airport

The new fast train service offers great convenience for travelers arriving at Fiumicino airport.

When it comes to traveling from Naples to Rome on a fast train, there are some additional services offered by the train company that can enhance your journey. One notable initiative is the FCO Connect check-in, which provides a convenient and efficient way for passengers to check-in for their train ride.

FCO Connect check-in initiative

The FCO Connect check-in initiative is a service offered by the train company as part of their additional services. It provides travelers with a convenient way to check-in for their flights with ITA Airlines when arriving at the airport train station. This eliminates the need to wait in long queues in the airport terminal, saving time and reducing stress for passengers.