Introducing “Journey to Sicily: Unearthing Art, Culture, and Brews!

Discover Sicily’s hidden gems of art, culture, and natural beauty, as well as premium craft breweries with the help of Naike Mulas and Andrea Camaschella, co-authors of “Beer Tourism – A Guide for Fermenting Travelers – South and Islands” (Lswr Editions), along with Luca Pretti.

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This volume is part of a series of four curated books by Luca Grandi, dedicated to beer tourism in Italy’s various macro-geographical regions: North-East, North-West, Centre, South, and Islands.

Unravel the lesser-known wonders of Italy while delving into unique microbreweries that offer innovative flavors, born from the rich heritage of Italian agri-food traditions. Each carefully crafted tourist itinerary is accompanied by recommended microbreweries, where creative beers with distinct tastes await your palate.

Two remarkable Sicilian itineraries include:

The Gulf of Palermo

Embark on a journey to Bagheria, Monreale, Sferracavallo, and the enchanting Borgo Parrini. Discover the latter’s vibrant murals, inspired by the visionary architect Antonio Gaudì, as the village springs to life with lively colors. Then, immerse yourself in the historic Palermo market, Ballarò, where the Ballarak brewery tantalizes taste buds with Sicily’s local ingredients and entertaining performances.

Journey through history between Palazzolo Acreide and Avola

Experience a time-traveling weekend as you explore Palazzo Acreide, an ancient Greek-origin town boasting magnificent Baroque architecture. UNESCO heritage basilicas of San Paolo and San Sebastiano await, leading you to Avola, nestled by the sea. Conclude your journey with a stop at Alveria brewery in Canicattì Bagni, where traditional beer styles are artistically reimagined without compromise.

About the authors of the Craft beer itineraries book

Andrea Camaschella: A beer enthusiast since the 90s, he transformed his passion into a profession. As an author, teacher, and brewing judge, he played an integral role in promoting beer culture. Notably, he contributed to the Atlas of Italian Breweries and “Birra Nostra MAGAZINE.”

Naike Mulas: A tourism expert, marketer, and explorer, Naike is dedicated to supporting small, virtuous enterprises.

Luca Grandi: Founder of the esteemed BIRRA NOSTRA brand, Luca has been a driving force in promoting Italian craft beer. He shares his knowledge through educational engagements and collaborations with esteemed organizations like Slow Food and the University of Parma.

Embark on a journey through Sicily, where art, culture, and unique brews unite in harmony.

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