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About Italy Travel & Style

Italy Travel & Style is the evolution and collection of selected articles from the MilanoStyle and LakeComoStyle blogs, which were founded by former NY /Milan fashion model Celia Abernethy and has grown from a blog about living in Milan to an extensive lifestyle and travel guide with an annual readership of over 845K.

After a career in fashion, traveling and living in New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, Madrid, and Tokyo, she settled in Milan and pursued a career in graphic design and marketing. To offset the monotonous task of commercial copywriting, blogging about her travels and experiences living in Italy became a creative outlet.

Through storytelling, she weaves a tapestry of informative content that inspires and guides style-savvy travelers looking to experience the beauty of Italy.

Celia’s writing appears on HuffPost, Medium, Forbes Travel Guide, Lux-Afrique, and more.

She offers custom itineraries and consultations and is a 5-star travel advisor with ViaHero (USA).