Get ready to embark on an adventure like no other as Austis, nestled in the heart of Sardinia, invites you to its inaugural Sardinian Active Tourism Festival from September 1st to 3rd. Brace yourselves for an action-packed weekend filled with unforgettable experiences that celebrate the natural beauty, local culture, and sportsmanship of this enchanting region.

A Gateway to Nature’s Wonders

Picture this: breathtaking landscapes, adrenaline-pumping sports, and a vibrant community coming together to create memories that will last a lifetime. That’s exactly what you can expect at the first-ever Sardinian Active Tourism Festival, proudly brought to you by the Austis Municipality and generously funded by the Fondazione di Sardegna. This dynamic collaboration also includes the tourism marketing mavens at Fare Digital Media, headquartered in the vibrant city of Cagliari.

Adventures Galore

From thrilling e-bike rides to expert-guided trekking excursions, the festival offers an array of activities suitable for both seasoned adventurers and young explorers. Dive into the wild with nature-based activities, unwind with some yoga, or immerse yourself in the rich local culture through music, art, and gastronomy. The possibilities are as boundless as the beautiful Sardinian landscape itself.

An Enlightening Start

The festival kicks off with an enlightening conference featuring distinguished speakers like Mayor Benedetto Pitzeri, Claudia Sedda of GAL BMG, Maurizio Orgiana from Sardegna Il Cuore, Francesca Sassu, the visionary CEO, and Founder of Nocefresca, Professor Benedetto Meloni, an expert in Environmental and Territorial Sociology, and Stefania Contini from the Rete Ecoturismo Sardegna (Sardinia Ecotourism Network). Their insights will set the stage for an engaging and enlightening weekend.

Photo by Visit Austis

Community Spirit

Thanks to the strong partnership with local tourism operators, associations, and the warm-hearted Austis community, you can expect three days packed with high-quality sporting, culinary, and cultural experiences. Experts, sports enthusiasts, and qualified operators from across Sardinia will join in the fun, making this festival a true testament to the spirit of togetherness.

Tradition Meets Modernity

Prepare to be enchanted by the presence of Sos Colonganos, a traditional Austis mask that adds a touch of magic to the festivities. Austis Mayor Benedetto Pitzeri emphasizes the importance of promoting their environmental, historical, artistic, cultural, and gastronomic heritage, all with a commitment to sustainable economic development and respect for traditions.

Join the Fun

Ready to dive into this whirlwind of excitement? Register for excursions and workshops on the Visit Austis website or through their social media pages @DestinazioneAustis on Facebook.

Nighttime Magic

The excitement doesn’t end when the sun sets. Enjoy a lively evening program featuring Claudia Aru’s high-energy concert, Sebastiano Dessanay’s captivating musical journey with the 377 project (in dialogue with Simone Scalas, an active tourism expert and author of Lonely Planet guides for RAS), and the enchanting traditional sounds of Roberto Fadda’s organetto. Don’t miss the DJ sets by Palitrottu and Dario Sarais, along with poolside aperitifs that turn the entire territory into a destination, not just a stopover.

Austis: Your Slow Destination

Austis is on a journey of tourism development through the Destinazione Austis project, aiming to position the town as a “slow destination” in the collective imagination of Sardinia and the nation. Their primary focus? Activities that bring you closer to nature and the local community.

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Pack your sense of adventure and your appetite for fun – Austis is waiting to welcome you to a festival that promises thrills, culture, and memories you’ll treasure forever!